Network of Authenticities

One of the main goals of the Authenticities initiative is to create a true European Network of cities across the EU. Within this network, best practices and ideas can be shared and specific activities at local level are carried out to raise awareness on the value of intellectual property and the damage caused by fake products.

It builds on a pilot initiative led by INDICAM (Italy), in association with ANDEMA (Spain) and UNIFAB (France), three national brand associations. The cities of Paris (France), Rome, RavennaCervia (Italy), Alicante and Málaga (Spain) were awarded the title of ‘Authenticity’ during the pilot phase.

There are currently five European cities that are part of the network of Authenticities. These cities are: Thessaloniki and Mykonos, in Greece, Sofia and Plovdiv, in Bulgaria and Banská Bystrica in Slovakia. Various other EU cities are in the process of joining the network – stay tuned!