The European Cooperation Project ‘European Network of Authenticities’ aims to enhance the protection and awareness of intellectual property rights and facilitate the fight against counterfeiting and piracy at local level. The project has been launched by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), in the framework of its European Cooperation activities and the Strategic Plan 2025.

It builds on a pilot initiative led by INDICAM (Italy), in association with ANDEMA (Spain) and UNIFAB (France), three national brand associations. The cities of Paris (France), Rome, RavennaCervia (Italy), Alicante and Málaga (Spain) were awarded the title of ‘Authenticity’ during the pilot phase.

What does being an Authenticity mean? Local authorities and partner organisations join forces and commit to carry out a series of awareness-raising activities, such as media events, public awareness campaigns, training sessions for local enforcement authorities and other educational activities. The theme of the activities is the value of intellectual property and the damage of counterfeiting and non-authentic goods, not only for the economy, but also for consumers’ health and safety. Through these activities, cities can be certified as ‘Authenticities’.

The project brings together national and regional intellectual property offices in the EU, municipalities across the EU and local organisations, to help combat the problem of fake products and piracy, to increase awareness on intellectual property rights among citizens and businesses, and to build a European network of certified Authenticities, where best practices and ideas can be shared and joint activities are put in motion.


How to become an Authenticity?

Any interested intellectual property office within the EU can express its interest to the EUIPO.

The commitment between an EU intellectual property office and an interested municipality is made formal through a memorandum of understanding.